Tiffany Glass

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Theophany in Greek "Appearance of God"

Each piece of glass is individually cut and ground to shape, the e dges wrapped in copper foil then soldered together.

Everything I make is thoughtfully designed with the emphasis on the beauty of the glass.

All my suncatchers have been designed and created to capture the sun's rays beautifully and look stunning, even on a cloudy day.

The glass I use on my home decor pieces are mostly opaque and allow the design to have more prominence whilst providing a colourful interior showpiece.

Enhance the sunlight, shining on you today, through the beauty of glass.

I begin my work by creating the design and finalising a template, which I use to cut the glass pieces. I use pre-coloured sheets of glass and a carbide cutter to get the shapes then grind the edges on a water-fed machine, producing something like a jigsaw puzzle. I then wrap the edge of each piece of glass in copper-foil, ready for soldering. This is the Tiffany technique, or the copper foil and solder method, of stained glass construction. When Louis Comfort Tiffany began using the method, over a century ago, workers used scissors to cut thin sheet copper into strips. The strips were spread with molten beeswax on one side to make them sticky and then wrapped a round the glass before the wax hardened. Today, we have easy to use rolls of copper foil with the adhesive already applied. Tiffany experimented and produced many wonderful types of sheet glass, which made the work come to life, and which is replicated in today's modern art glass.

Photo memories captured in delicate wire-work.

Stained glass, in your choice of colours,
with a silver-plated, wire silhouette.

The perfect gift, for your loved ones, made from your favourite photograph.


Would you like to have your own design reproduced in glass?

Send me your ideas and I'll provide you with a layout and cost.


Most of my work can be redesigned to fit a different size requirement.

Just ask and I'll be happy to provide you with a new design layout and costing.



you received a wedding invitation?

Stuck for a gift idea?

Send me a photo or
scan of the invitation and I will design a gift to match.

A bespoke wedding gift for the happy couple in a design you know they'll love.

Shopping for that p
erfect gift has just become easier!

Or give an 'after wedding gift' or 'anniversary gift', designed from the couple's wedding photograph.
PHOTO STORY - the making of my Celtic Crest Clock

1. The glass is cut to shape from
design drawing.

2. The edges of the glass are then
ground to get an accurate line.
3. Each piece is copper foiled around the edges ready for soldering.4. The finished work. Soldered,
patina and clock workings fitted.